December 7, 2005




I'm not superstitious, but I learned a long time ago to never say never. The forces in charge go out of their way to prove me wrong whenever I do make such a statement. Then I learned the word "always" fell into that same category.  Seemed like someone up above was telling me to leave room for exceptions.  Now I'm learning that there are some other words I may have to add to the forbidden list, like the word, "last" - (although this time it worked in my favor.)  No sooner had I announced to all of you that I'd be doing my last gig of the year, did I get calls for a few more.  So here it is for December: 
Dec. 9, 2005
1504 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, NY    14216  835-3975 
9pm -12 am
Piano: Jim Beishline   Drums: Abdul Qaddir   Bass: Jim Kurzdorfer 
jazz blues & R&B            Sax: Bruce Johnstone
Dec. 8, 2005
Music Institute Building - Recital Hall

240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY    
896-0700 or 961-1838 for info

"Jazz and Blues In The Afternoon" - A free concert open to the general public.
12:30pm - 1:30pm 
Piano: Jim Beishline   Drums: John Bacon   Bass: Jim Kirzdorfer   jazz, blues    
Dec. 7, 2005
Main Street
Buffalo, NY   
This is a newly opened club, (just a few doors from the Tralf - downtown) and we will be first in their line of entertainment.
   Note:  They might spell it OPM.

9 pm-12 am
Piano: Jim Beishline   Drums: Abdul Qaddir   Bass: Jerry Livingston
more blues & R&B            Sax: Bruce Johnstone