Hello My Friend,

Although, due to time restrictions this message goes out to several of you at once, I hope you will view it as a personal invitation.  It is certainly meant and felt that way on my part.
Things have been pretty calm around here.  But I've got a couple things coming up this weekend and both of them will feature the full band - The Jim Beishline Quartet.  So that makes them extra special.  Hope you can make it to one or both of them! 


Shadow Lounge
1504 Hertel Ave                                          
Buffalo, NY 
Friday, February 3rd 
9:30-12:30         no charge, of course
Note: At the Shadows, I lean more toward blues, R&B, and do a little less jazz standards.   Bruce Johnstone will also be playing saxophone.  

Janice Mitchell: vocalist       Jim Beishline:piano
Abdul Qaddir: drums    Jim Kurzdorfer:
Bruce Johnstone:


Ellicottville Brewery West
Main Street                                         
Fredonia, NY 

Saturday, February 4th 
8:00-11:00         no charge, of course
We have been invited to be a part of the Spring Jazz Series in Fredonia.  Tommy will be filling in for Jim tonight.

Janice Mitchell: vocalist       Tom Pallidino:piano
Eric Wills: drums    Jim Kurzdorfer:

Janice   www.janmitchell.com