August 25th and 26th   2006               The Lewiston Jazz Festival

Janice Mitchell   LEWISTON JAZZ   Jim Beishline


Village Bake Shop
417 Center Street

Friday, August 25th, 2006: 
  9 pm-midnight

Saturday, August 26th, 2006:

  9:30 pm-11:30 pm
piano:  Jim Beishline
vocals:  Janice Mitchell

If you come to the Lewiston Jazz Festival this year, stop by and hang with Jim and me for a while.  I will be serenading you on the street on Friday and Saturday night singing my heart and soul out in the area between Carmelo's Coat of Arms and the Village Bake Shoppe along with Jim accompanying me on piano. 
NOTE: This Friday and Saturday evening thing is very informal  - I just stand on top of a bench and sing as people go by.  Sometimes people stop and hang for a while.  I really enjoy it.  I started doing this one year just because Jim was supposed to be playing solo piano there.  We had already done our concert with the complete band in the afternoon at DiCamillo's and I got tired of waiting for him for my ride home, So I just hopped on the bench there and starting singing at people to make the time go by.  People started stopping and staring and thinking, "What's this chick been drinking (and/or smoking, snorting, skanking, etc)?  :-)   But it turned out to be so much fun that they called me back to do it the next year. So I'll be back again for the fourth time at the Historic Lewiston Jazz Festival.  I really hope we have good weather.  I'm looking forward to it. 
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See you soon!
You can view us on the festival site here:  http://lewistonjazz.com/artists/beishline.php

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